Air Freight

Trans-Logistic makes arrangements with multi- carriers and charterers in different airports-to-door for oversized express packages, offering you the most reliable economical and flexible service.

With wide experience and expertise providing Air Cargo Division  Trans-Logistic   has proved  itself a  highly innovative company and has introduced the modular concept of  cargo handling .Assuring you the most    reliable  economical  and   flexible  consolidation  service, Trans-Logistic makes arrangements with  multi – carriers and charterers with total airport-to-door operation for oversized express packages.There are no weight limitation , full post flight  and  proof  of delivery  information  is   faxed  daily . Under  the guidance of a progressive and  enterprising management team,

Trans-Logistic give the maximum freedom to select the right Air lines and create unique solution that benefit its customer even during peak seasons  or under any unexpected difficult circumstances.

This is under lined by the fact that the executive heading of  Translogistic’s Air Freight Division has more than  several   years  experience in the  Air Freight  field .

A sophisticated computer system linking the whole organization makes it possible for Trans-Logistic to offer clients detailed cost analyses of their expenditure . Trans-Logistic has developed  its own  strong  reputation  for service excellence  in  terms of quality, reliability , speed and value of money . Air tracking remains as the important part of the shipping business.


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